Meet your neighbor, your friend, a politician or community leader making Kentucky a better place to live.

Length: 3-7 minutes
Genre: I AM, Personal Profile, Community

Lexington’s Greenside – Part I of II
Brad Flowers talks about his involvement with Bike Lexington and how awesome the organization is.

Lexington’s Greenside – Part II of II

Louisville’s Greenside – 15Thousand Farmers – Part I of II

Louisville’s Greenside – 15Thousand Farmers – Part II of II

Jim Embry of Lexington
Jim believes in education starts in a community gardens.

Ezra Dike of Sustain Morehead
Ezra is leading his town in sustainable living!

Sellus Wilder, Frankfort politician
Sellus is leading Frankfort in community gardens and sustainable leadership.

Wallace McMullen of the Sierra Club
Wallace knows a lot about energy. He shares his view on alternative energies in Kentucky.

Johnathan and Heather of North Fork Yoga
Started a yoga studio in Eastern Kentucky.

The Dirt with Carl Shoupe Part I of III
In this three part conversation Carl tells us about his hometown is under threat due to the proposition of mountain top removal on Black Mountain.

The Dirt with Carl Shoupe – Part II of III

The Dirt with Carl Shoupe – Part III of III

First Lady of Kentucky, Jane Beshear
Mrs. Beshear share a little of herself in this one on one interview.

Urban Farmer Ivor Chodkowski of Field Day Family Farm
Ivor discusses urban farming with George Parker Jr.

The Dirt with Tom Kimmerer of Moore Ventures, LLC.
Tom tells George about bio-diesel in Kentucky.

Cliff Ashburner from the KY Chapter of USGBC
Cliff talks about the US Green Building Council and sustainable growth.

The Dirt with Jason Bailey of MACED
Jason Bailey knows Kentucky legislation. Get the real dirt on Cap and Trade.

The Dirt with Doug Doerfeld – Part I of III
Doug speaks on the dangers of Mountain Top Removal in Kentucky

The Dirt with Doug Doerfeld – Part II o III

The DIrt with Doug Doerrfeld – Part III of III

Ann Bell Stone of Elmwood Stock Farm
Ann and her family have been working for years growing organic produce and meats.

Ben Perry of the Bluegrass Green Guide
He believes in building a world class green community, here’s how.